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1ml Dropper

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1ml pipette

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1ml Dropper

  • 1ml dropper
  • Disposable
  • Sterile

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162 reviews for 1ml Dropper

  1. Bryce

    Very nice that Chemyo adds this free gift to eligible orders, very useful!

  2. James W.

    Works as any syringe should.

  3. Anonymous

    its a dropper ,, not much to say,,

  4. Anonymous

    Easy to use

  5. Anonymous

    Very useful for measuring amounts of chemicals for my research!

  6. Justin Perry


  7. Anonymous

    Great customer service

  8. Stephen r.

    Love the dropper.

  9. Anonymous

    An appreciated free extra, cheers T.S

  10. Laura


  11. Anonymous

    Works fine

  12. John Belcher

    It was free, I can never complain about free.

  13. Jon A.

    Straightforward and easy to use.

  14. collin

    Works well

  15. Anonymous

    Accurate and handy

  16. Kenneth S.

    just a dropper, it works

  17. Sterling

    Perfect for purpose.

  18. Terry M.

    Good measuring device.

  19. edgar C.

    Dropper easy to use the same amount no more no less

  20. Anonymous

    Works as it’s supposed to

  21. paedro

    Perfect size

  22. Anonymous

    Very good and accurate

  23. Joseph


  24. Anonymous

    Nice free gift!

  25. Joe Williams

    Very satisfied with service and product

  26. max mac

    great, makes dosing easy

  27. Anonymous

    Very helpful in dosing the liquid products. Thanks!

  28. Daniel

    Quality product great customer service!

  29. Alec Stewart

    Very useful.

  30. Gregory

    Will continue to our purchase from Chemyo due to their customer service and high quality products.

  31. Carl

    Is what it is lol

  32. Amber

    Dropper is perfect

  33. Parker W.

    Ayyyy free stuff !

  34. Jay

    Yea bruh this did it’s job

  35. Chadd M.

    Dropper works great. Others I’ve used wear out too fast and become hard to properly dose.

  36. Phan X.

    good stuff. help me to use the compounds easily and exactly

  37. John D.

    Quick shipping

  38. tommy h.


  39. Bryce

    Always nice that this is included with a purchase.

  40. Ebby B.

    While droppers are pretty much the same, this one is actually a very good dropper because of the nipple, which won’t allow air bubbles

  41. Adrian

    Does its job

  42. Zachary

    Great quality

  43. John C.

    Lovely little gift

  44. Anonymous

    Perfect for what I needed

  45. Valentin M

    Easy to use and accurate. Better than having it in the bottle itself. Just clean with water after each use

  46. Andrew Dolmseth


  47. Michael Dougherty



    Thanks for free dropper

  49. Rick Kader

    Needs a cap

  50. Rex

    Does the job

  51. Anonymous

    thanks for the freebie (came with the order)

  52. Anonymous

    On time

  53. Anonymous

    Great price

  54. Lukas

    Works perfectly

  55. Nemanja S.

    Chemyo is an awesome company! Can’t wait to order again

  56. Ryan

    Useful and always get at least one. Easy to clean and holds up without breaking.

  57. Eric Martin

    Your basic graduated 1mL dropper. I’m glad this was supplied though because the average person can’t easily measure mLs.

  58. Zachary S.

    Can’t really mess this up.

  59. Anonymous

    Works as intended

  60. Erik


  61. Anonymous

    Clever rubber doesn’t leave any residue in the syringe. Great idea.

  62. andrea F.

    perfect to dose

  63. sam

    its a dropper, does what it needs to do.

  64. Ryan Smith

    Easy to use, accurate.

  65. Robert

    It does what you’d expect, 5 stars

  66. Luis

    Nice little dropper. Good quality

  67. Richard

    Def helpful

  68. Corey

    Very quick delivery to AUS, great quality product.

  69. Anonymous

    Product came just as described

  70. Anonymous

    Very convenient!

  71. Dave M.

    Great product

  72. Matthew

    Does the trick! Fairly sturdy and accurate.

  73. Joseph

    Second time using ChemYo. Quality products. Orders came quickly and without issue.

  74. Kareem Leak

    Sturdy and reusable

  75. Anonymous

    Works as advertised 🙂

  76. Jordan C.

    Does the job

  77. Andrew P.

    Standard dropper. Works great.

  78. Mike

    High quality, thumbs up.

  79. Ronald Roberts

    Use as directed and works as it should for a throw in for free.

  80. Adam S.

    Standard dropper as a free gift which is good

  81. Jordan

    I didn’t need a dropper but it was included for free so that’s a bonus!

  82. Jeffery M.


  83. Anonymous

    Good product, works as advertised

  84. Joshua

    The fact that they give you a 1ml dropper for free is an added bonus that makes for easy researching.

  85. Travis Stephens


  86. Anonymous


  87. Anonymous

    Does the job!

  88. Anonymous

    Great price 😉

  89. Steve

    An appreciated add-on

  90. Pedro R.

    Good quality

  91. Anonymous

    Good quality

  92. chris baldoni

    very helpful to have, I would suggest one dropper per bottle

  93. Anonymous


  94. Timothy W.

    Product works great

  95. Dennis

    Very convenient that they include for free!

  96. Jason F.

    As expected

  97. Anonymous

    Same as above, nice bonus

  98. Joud Jarjour

    Very good, writing does not wear off and is useable for weeks at a time

  99. Anonymous

    Very convenient.

  100. KRIS

    Awesome product as described at a great price and fast shipping.

  101. Anonymous

    great tool

  102. Thomas

    It’s a nice dropper. It’s always convenient that Chemyo provides them with each order.

  103. Jason

    Free is awesome!

  104. Anonymous

    Works as expected

  105. Emilio Garay

    Simple and easy to use

  106. Joshua

    Great dropper. Easy to use and measure.

  107. Zach Coleman

    It was free, so… thank you!

  108. Sang Jun Park

    The dropper is very easy to use. Would be nice to have a container or case to hold.

  109. Bilguun

    Does its job.

  110. Anthony

    Great dropper

  111. Anonymous

    Works great no issues

  112. Steven

    Chemyo is the best !

  113. Anonymous

    Great product

  114. Mason

    I mean, it’s cool that it came with it

  115. Anonymous

    Great stuff!

  116. Dale M.

    Worked perfectly!!

  117. Richard Major

    Easy to use

  118. Anonymous


  119. Anonymous

    Very good.

  120. Alex R.

    Accurate and precise dropper!

  121. Nana

    Great product so far and will buy from again

  122. Anonymous

    Everything good. Functions right.

  123. Mark C.

    Is what it is

  124. Javier

    good dropper

  125. Anonymous

    Super convenient.

  126. Charlie

    Nice little bonus

  127. Christopher Clark


  128. Shawn Jenkins

    Thank you

  129. Anonymous

    Great product, great company

  130. Brad


  131. Pierre Simard

    Fast and efficient delivery can’t wait to start the product!

  132. Pierre Simard

    Fast and efficient delivery can’t wait to start the product!

  133. Gareth

    Dropper makes it nice and easy

  134. Michael Lanford

    Great customer service and fast shipping


    free gift. ok

  136. Senez C.

    Perfect nice addition

  137. Anonymous

    Very good

  138. Russell Le

    It was free lol

  139. Mark T.

    Perfect for research. This will last for awhile for sure.

  140. Anonymous

    Dropper for free? I’ll take it. Lol

  141. Anonymous

    Enables precise dosage and came in sterile package.

  142. Jason R.

    Comes free with products!

  143. Brandon C.

    Its a dropper what more can i say

  144. Jose

    Thank you for the free dropper, makes things easier

  145. Anonymous

    Thanks for the free dropper!

  146. Scott Belbeck

    Its fantastic that you guys include this with your product. Again thank you!

  147. Mazin S.

    Perfect for the bottle size and drawing is so easy

  148. Stephen Jefferson

    Fast shipping, got here in two days

  149. Jose Lopez

    it’s good quality.

  150. Anonymous

    Works as expected.

  151. Anonymous

    Received on time. Product is as advertised. So far so good.

  152. Mares

    1 ml dropper as bonus is useful.. Thanks again

  153. Anonymous

    The numbers became harder to see after some uses but alright

  154. Anonymous

    Better then my shitty ones lol

  155. Anonymous

    It’s a dropper bruh

  156. Anonymous

    Received as expected

  157. Anonymous

    Very good

  158. Anonymous


  159. Jose

    Free dropper. Awesome

  160. Matthew Bernard

    Works great

  161. Anonymous

    All good

  162. Anonymous

    Works fine. Appreciate that they included it for free

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