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Chemyo is always putting their clients’ interests first, that’s why we are here offering multiple benefits for both newcomers and loyal customers!

Main Benefits

Now you have the possibility to join our affiliate program simply as a customer who shares our link on social media or your website and gets paid for doing it, while helping  others customers to gain access to the finest quality research products!
You will receive a 20% commission.  Our cookies last for a lifetime, so if a visitor you referred purchases anytime, you will still receive an affiliate commission because the customer remains permanently tied to your account and you can track its activity.

Qualifying Affiliates

Qualifying affiliates are established content sites that meet the following criteria:

  • Producer of regular content (blog posts, podcasts, etc.)
  • Related to our niche: life science, metabolism, neuroscience, etc.
  • Not encouraging, promoting, or marketing for human consumption
  • Not a coupon or deal site

Terms of Service

PPC/Brand Bidding Rules affiliates are NOT permitted to:

  • Use domains containing ‘chemyo’
  • Create pages containing the words Chemyo or Chemyo reviews
  • Use domains they have no affiliation with
  • Use ‘’ in a subdomain on the publisher’s own domain.
  • Bid on brand name (including misspellings and variations) in Adwords, adCenter, etc.

You will not cloak, hide, spoof, or otherwise obscure the URL of your site containing Special Links (including by use of a redirecting page) or the user agent of the application in which Content is displayed or used such that we cannot reasonably determine the site or application from which a customer clicks through such Special Links to


If we determine you are engaging in practices or methods we do not condone we will terminate your affiliate account and void fraudulent referrals. We reserve the right to terminate any affiliate at any time for any reason. If terminated, you will receive a payout for all non-fraudulent referrals.

Updates to Terms

Our Affiliate Program terms may be amended, changed, or modified at any point.

How does it works?

As soon as an order clears, we disburse payment via Paypal, Google Wallet, bank transfer, or store credit. Please let us know if you need another payment method.

With Chemyo you can now get paid for referring us to your friends, earning money by doing simple tasks which do not take long and don’t give you any headaches. It will take only a minute to fill out the information necessary to become an affiliate and generate affiliate links.

If you have any questions, please email us at  [email protected]

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