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Ibutamoren MK-677 Powder - 1g

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Ibutamoren MK-677 Powder - 1g

Application A potent, non-peptide ghrelin receptor agonist
CAS 159752-10-0
Molar Mass 528.662 g/mol
Chemical Formula C27H36N4O5S
Synonyms Ibutamoren, MK-677, MK-0677, L-163,191, L163191, Nutrobal
Form Powder / yellow crystals.  MK677 is highly hygroscopic. It quickly crystalizes by absorbing moisture from the air, without degradation.
Storage Minimize open-air exposure, store in a cool dry place
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6 reviews for MK-677 Powder – 1g

  1. Anyomus

    I order MK-677 powder and got sent the wrong thang got a hold of customer service and they where wonderful and gladly sent me what i previously ordered they have the best customer service on the internet i will keep you posted on my lab results.

  2. Brian Gryglewski

    Great Customer Service. Had a problem ordering. Told them what the issue was and it was fixed in 25 minutes.

  3. Kyle Rusyn

    No problems ordering. Came here from MPMD. Great stuff.

  4. Wes

    Undoubtedly the best mk on the market with a very reasonable price.

  5. Neta Guterbaum

    My order got damaged on the way and chemyo reshipped it without any extra charges. I got everything and I’m very satisfied.

  6. joshua.m.herter

    High Quality. This is the only SARM research company I trust.

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